mars 08, 2013

Painter Momopie for Game Boy

 Painter Momopie
Back to good old game boy. And I play on the Super Game Boy.
Painter Momopie is a puzzle game only released in Japan.

Your job is to paint the floors... While there are enemies that come to attack you.

You have these magic. Active the menu with B, and chose magic with A.Then use the magic pressing A. You need to stand still for the Speed magic. Pyon is a shooting magic you need to shoot some enemies. Sealed I don't know what it does but I think it reflects bullets.

I think the game is sort of cute. It is an early puzzle game (December, 1990) and there isn't much to it though. The king says "Congraturation" and gives you some magic sometimes, but I didn't seem to be able to active those magics. I only ever had the three magics in the picture.

Around level 15, you start playing the same levels again, but they might be called 19 or so. The levels are not exciting. You usually just go into a room and then back.
Music is cute. You have 5 continues. I don't know how many levels there are, I played until 22. Well I think it is a good game for kids, both boys and girls, ages 8-12. I think many of these early puzzle games were like that. I rate it 2 / 5. Quite boring.

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