maj 04, 2013

Reflect World for Famicom Disk System

I played a game I just got called Reflect World. The strategywiki says " It was never released outside of Japan, and its game play is not intuitive, require either a knowledge of Japanese or an understanding of the game instruction manual, preferably both"
I don't know where he comes up with his stuff. The game is entirely in English. I played a couple of hours without the manual.

But the manual is useful because it has a map of the dungeon. It is a small map but still useful because the dungeon looks the same when you drive around it.

Confusing for beginners is that the world loops around, so if you go down a bit you'll be back where you started. If you go left enough you'll be back where you started too.

I just took these images from ebay and gamefaqs, because I try to write my reviews quickly.

Here you can see the tank your driving. Most of the game is about shooting up enemies in an overhead perspective.

When you start the game you need to go to the right where you buy your Cannon. You should also buy fuel. Fuel in this game is actually your health. When you get hits it gets lower.

When you kill enemies you'll get more gold and can buy better weapons. Don't forget to turn the weapon to ON after you've bought it.

If you go down over the bridge, then right, then up again, you'll find a dungeon you can enter. Here is a map of how it looks inside.

Remember it loops both left/right and up/down so it is easy to get confused.
All the circles are openings you can enter. The white are roads you can travel around. Use the big open area (marked with a big X) as your navigation starting point if you get lost. The starting point and the openings with small x's will lead you out of the cave.

Now the confusing part: If you enter an opening that does not lead out, you'll just exit the same opening again. But you'll have reversed something so that now you can't exit the red dots either. To reverse it back, you must enter a non-leading dungeon again.
( This little info will save you many hours )

I've made it quite far and bought many upgrades. One upgrade makes you able to shoot the grass. One of the dungeons will lead you to another dungeon where there's a lot of grass, and a Factory. In the factory you get a module that allows you to drive on water. That's as far as I got. There isn't any guide anywehre else on the internet, so this is the best I can do for now, and the best you can find probably.

If you know how to get further, or you have questions, you can post a comment for me.

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