juli 14, 2013

Gradius III for Super Famicom

In the last couple of days I have played Gradius III. I have previously written about Gradius on famicom and on Saturn... But I never played much of Gradius III before.

It plays like Gradius. In Gradius III you can chose between some different weapon upgrade systems. I prefered most of the original weapon system, with diagonal "Double", and the downward missile. But I felt that the E-Laser was better than the normal Laser.

Anyways, just like on Gradius, Gradius III is pretty annoying and tough. As long as you can avoid getting hit, the game is pretty simple. Upgrade to the max and fly around. But if one of the enemies bullets gets through, you are back to zero powerups and in some circumstances this is almost like a game over.

The game isn't unfairly difficult, like Salamander is. But in some cases it will be difficult to avoid dying the first time you play something.

I don't know how many levels the game has. I think I beat 7 of them. The last one was a boss with two stone heads.

Gradius III is a fairly common and affordable shoot'em up game on the Super Famicom. It is a fun game, but very annoying...

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