september 12, 2013

Neo-Fami clone with video

A while ago I sold the Neo Fami clone. (finally)
A Neo Fami was the first famicom system, before I was able to get AV-modded famicoms and then the twin famicom I currently have. I don't need a Twin Famicom really, but I keep it because it is a turbo model with one controller not working.

Here is the Neo Fami. It comes in different colors.

I still have a golden limited edition (numbered!) I bought 2 years ago.

It was cheap. I keep it because no one would pay for it anyways.

The controllers have a "slow" button that pauses the game at very high rate. As I was trying it out, the slow function broke and now it can't be used.  It is such a stupid function anyways. The turbo button is much more useful.

I made a video of gameplay with the neo-fami. The colors are a bit off sometimes, and the sound is not what one is used to, but as you see it works perfectly acceptable.

After I played the first test games I got stuck on Mickey Mouse... Such an annoying but strangely cool game. If you are two player, one will control Minny. That's fun.

I remember that I had one or two games that wouldn't run on the Neo Fami. One of them was some racing game I forgot which one. But a game like Castlevania III worked with no problem.

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