december 03, 2013

Savaki, Sega Saturn

This is an uncommon 3D fighting game for the Sega Saturn which was never released outside of Japan. My colleague fredJ played this game on original console and recorded a video, and here is the result. It's divided into two parts because of YouTube's restrictions.

The characters are named after different fighting styles. You have a kick and a punch button. You can aim high or low with the up and down buttons. You block just by standing still, but there is also the extra super block that will try to cancel the opponents attack and make him open for a counter-attack.

This actually works well (unlike in Dead or Alive for Saturn), but you have to guess if he will attack high, low, or middle. FredJ didn't have to use this special block during the first part of the video because the opponents were not very strong, but when he played against the last boss he had to learn how to play the game properly.

This second video shows him playing against the final boss. He says:
"I played the first guys in 20 minutes, then was stuck with this big ugly guy for 1,5 hours while I improved and learnt the moves. He hits you hard once he gets going and you have to learn the removal-block function. His kicks take a lot of health too. I found a weakness that I exploited as you see here. This video shows my last battles with him until I finally won."
It is a very original fighting game which aims to be more realistic. And it actually works, which is unusual for a fighting game. If you're interested, we currently do have the game for sale, right here: at our webshop where you can also find lots of other Sega Saturn games and more.

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