mars 08, 2014

Rambo III and two platforming games on Sega Mega Drive

I have written about my annoyance with the Mega Drive controller, so I am happy when I recently got this HORI Mega Commander.

It has a real D-pad and doesn't wobble on the directions. The first game I played was Rambo III.
My problem with the Mega Drive is that  I don't like scrolling shooters, beat'em ups and generic platforming games. Unfortunately, there isn't that much else on the Mega Drive. Therefore, I don't really feel for the Mega Drive. That's just how it is. I still try to make videos of its games, but it is easier to make videos about games I enjoy.

Rambo III is a game in top-down perspective. It only has six stages, unlimited continues, and isn't really hard. I beat it in a few hours. I still had fun, but it felt leightweight.

Here is stage 5 and stage 6. The video is uncut, so I did beat stage 6 on the first try. _

First MD game beaten! Fun, but felt like it didn't have much depth. Many things could have been improved, but I don't feel one needs to be pointed out too much in such as short game. Even Famicom games have more depth.

Some reviewers criticise games like these saying "once you've beaten it, you won't be playing it again". I disagree with that. When I when a kid I played Kung Fu Master on my Game Boy a lot, and I played it again and again, trying to beat it without getting hit, or getting as high score as possible. It gave me a certain satisfaction, and it is the same reason I still pick up Super Mario Kart or Street Fighter II Turbo and try to beat it when I feel down.

After Rambo III I tried some platforming games.

I gave Moonwalker another chance, and I do appreciate the coolness of a Michael Jackson game, but the gameplay is just lacking. When I was around 10-12, Michael Jackson was my idol, and I loved the cool commercial for the game ( I probably would have loved the game. I never got to play it, but it still has a nostalgic feeling for me, even if I got tired of it soon this time.

I didn't know if there were any other songs than Moonwalker in it so I played a little longer and made this video.

Then I played Doraemon (it probably has a subtitle, but I won't bother), a fun Doraemon game. I think the main disadvantage of Doraemon games is that the games were made for a younger audience, but it always amazes me with the dedication Westeners have for their Disney games while they disregard the Japanese manga games as "childish".

At the end of stage 1 there is a mini game. I think you have to guess what move the owl is making. I did some trial and error and made it on my second try somehow.

This is incidentally the third Doraemon video I upload in a week. I uploaded Doraemon 3 for N64 and Doraemon 4 for SFC. Doraemon 4 was a decent platformer, but I didn't understand the N64 game. However, a customer once told me he beat the first and second Doraemon game on N64, so I think they are playable.

Well, that was some Mega Drive games. I have some more coming up, a 2-player game too I think.

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