december 28, 2014

Hana no Star Kaidou - a reappreciation

My colleague Fredrik wrote about this game earlier after playing without a guide. After reading other people's reviews, it was easy to agree that it's a bad game. But we found out that many gamers (especially from the US) don't have enough patience with games like these so he brought it to our friends at Videospelsklubben (VSK) to see if they could enjoy it.

Lennie (the guy in green) actually did enjoy it, but Fredrik is still sceptical. Gazi (to the right) agreed with Fredrik about lousy graphics, but at least he thought the game was original.

The game is about a famous japanese pop star duo and you control both of them at once. There is no GameFAQ for this game but we found another page with useful information. The game is definitley more fun and playable once you figure out how to play.

* Instead of going right towards the wall on the first stage, you can go up the stairs to the left, [7:30] making it possible to proceed to the next level (pressing up+right+left+fire button).

* You can walk up to an enemy after you stun them and press up. [8:37] Lennie tried this, and it worked! It gives you items that increase your hearts (time) and a cassette tape needed to enter the studio [10:33].

So the game isn't as impossible as Fredrik thought. You just have to know about these two things. But we all still agree that it's a really weird game. You can buy it from us here when it is in stock.

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