januari 14, 2013

Kid Icarus and Bio Hazard (Resident Evil)

Hikari Shinwa: Palutena no KagamiI have played a bit of Kid Icarus for a couple of days and it has been pretty fun. It's not like in Metroid where you just jump around. In Kid Icarus there are different levels you progress and even the fortress was hardly a maze, it took me only 15-30 minutes to find the boss.

I looked at the FAQ and there are five different endings to the game. That's  important information. The ending you get is based on how many of the five stats that you have maxed out on. I don't remember them exactly, but the game has some RPG element in that you upgrade your experience points and get stronger, have weapon upgrades and so on. But it is still is a very basic platforming game and it isn't required to know Japanese to play it. It may however be useful to look at a FAQ or a manual to tell what the different upgrades and weapons are useful for.

I don't plan on getting the best ending but I hope I will get at least ending 3 out of 5.
Kid Icarus NES Making a difficult jump in this unforgiving game. Even though you have wings, you can't actually fly (with a few exceptions). If you fall, you have to start over from the beginning of the level.
The platforming part of the game is more tricky than it looks. It is easy to jump outside of the small platforms even though there aren't that many difficult enemies. Since the game allows you to save and continue at each level it is still a fair game, in my opinion.

What brings it down is that there is nothing spectacular about it. The graphics and enemies feel generic, the music has memorable tunes but doesn't have the effects of later NES games. The main hero is probably one of the least memorable Nintendo characters, and the platforming is standard jumping around. I do appreciate the difficulty level, as there are no "insane" moments and the only boss so far was very easy to defeat (maybe a kid drew the boss with crayons).

I spent two or three hours trying to collect hearts on the first level, because Game Center CX said so, but later found it it was completely unnecessary. I also spent two or three hours fixing the A-button on my controller (finally thank you aluminum paper), a button that must be in perfect condition for this game. That's the two things I've spent most time with so far, so it's not that hard. I would rate the game 4/5.

BioHazard (JP)However, I had to take a break from playing that game because yesterday I got some Saturn consoles and wanted to try if Bio Hazard was completely in English if you set your Bios to English. I have read that Dynamite Deka actually does that. But turns out I was not lucky with BioHazard. All dialogue in the game is in English, but the item description is still in Japanese. I want to see if it was possible to play the game without knowing Japanese and I played it for an hour or two. It's one of those games where you have to find items. I'm quite bad at such games and usually spend most of the time running back and forth, clicking everywhere, trying to put everything on everything.  We'll see if I can make much progress.  I suspect that the game is quite big and I will soon lose patience.

It's a pretty good game, but it feels stupid that I play as a woman who gets rescued by the "big man" all the time. Maybe it was an intentional joke.

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