januari 21, 2013

Namco famicom games

I bought something from Japan yesterday, but I can't understand why. 25 boxed games, but most of them were crappy games. The best ones are some Namco games: Xevious, Super Xevious, Warpman, Pac-Land, Sky Kid, Star Luster but they are only worth maybe 10$-15$ each. Maybe I have started to like the ultra-small famicom boxes, "slim fit". They are pretty nice collectors items: small, good looking, and numbered. Most games are completely in English, since they were originally released in the arcade. Yet they were often only released in Japan.

Warpman is actually not that bad once you get into it.
It has a two player mode, where you play together.

Several people ask for "Battle City" which is another Namco small box game that also has a two player mode.

I wanted to play Super Chinese once with a friend but we didn't get around to it. Also two player, co-op (the video shows 1 player).

I don't know if these games have continues though. I don't like games without continues. I am also not too fond of games with this "Atari" graphics, but I know many people like them. Especially if they had famicom multi-carts (pirate carts) , where you often found these games.

A friend of mine made a video of Pac-Land. I can't stand playing games with such bad graphics, but some players like them. Pac-Land is a platforming game where you move right to level 4 or so, then you get an item that makes you jump, you return back to the first level to give back this jump item, then you move right again. Well I don't remember exactly.

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