augusti 03, 2013

Holy Diver for famicom

I am having fun with my new DVD recorder ( well, it is from 2007 but I bought it last week)
I have uploaded 11 videos already.Or 10, if you count part 1 and 2 as one video.

So, do check out my youtube channel for videos, since I won't be writing about all games here.

Holy Diver is a fun game, except that it is super hard. I show gameplay from the second half of level 2, to halfway through level 3. This is still in the easy part of the game. Later on it becomes almost impossible, even if it has infinite continues.

The sound in this video is also one speaker, sorry about that. In the future I won't make that mistake again.

It is only part 2 because part 1 was less fun, and quite long. I only uploaded part 2.
Holy Diver was only relased on famicom in Japan, but it is completely in English. It is one of the more expensive games, since it is relatively uncommon. Price is around 30$.

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