augusti 16, 2013

Moero Twinbee for famicom disk system

I played this shoot'em up game. I really like Twinbee as I have mentioned earlier, but I never gave played much of Moero. Mainly because it starts off in a horisontal scrolling and juggling the bells is very difficult.

Turns out that the game is very difficult. I played until stage 6, which is the second the last stage. I later learnt that you shouldn't worry about the bells and instead focus on the stationary powerups that are more powerful. I died many times juggling the bells, and at around Stage 3 I gave up trying to do that...

I recorded some 45 minutes of video (three clips) where I try and try again.

This game is also known as Stinger on the NES.
I think it might be easier with two player coop. The Japanese version is one of few games that even has a three player coop mode.

Not a bad game. But I think it is too difficult for me to enjoy it fully.

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