augusti 12, 2013

Ultraman Ball for Game Boy, and other videos

I've uploaded a lot more gameplay videos to youtube, and now have 29 videos in total.

Yesterday I uploaded two videos from Final Match Tennis, Highway Star, and Ultraman Ball. And last week I made videos of Spelunker, Ninja Jajamaru Kun, 1 hour total gameplay of Robo Warrior (Bomber King) (basically I played until I died), Astro Boy, etc.

Ultraman Ball is an uncommon game boy game that was only released in Japan. I think it is fun, some original ideas. Although both Chalvo '55 on the Game Boy and Armadillo on famicom have the same idea of the platforming game where you can transform to a ball. Yet Ultraman Ball is more platform and less puzzle and gameplay is faster than the games I mentioned.


I rate it 4/5 for originality, good gameplay and nice music.  Nice Super Game Boy support too. I don't know if it gets harder later on in the game, but I hope so. I don't have to say much more I think, now that I record my own videos.

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