september 29, 2012

MOTHER soundtrack

I would like to get my hands on a couple of Mother CDs from Japan.
It was released in 1989 and re-released in 2004. On Amazon Japan it costs 2388 yen which isn't economical to import.

All the songs from the game have been orchestrated and many are with real singers.  It has glowing reviews. There is also a Mother 2 soundtrack (Mother 1+2), but it isn't considered quite as good. I think the Mother 1 part is just 8 bit-music from the game.

I don't quite think the female vocalist is quite right, and the music is over the top cheesy. It will be cool when we can remake other peoples' songs to improve them. There could be an app where you can insert your favourite singer. For this CD, I can envision the voices of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. Awesome resurrection.

Anways, the CD is a must for an Earthbound lover, and the songs have powerful messages. They are in English.

Here is track number 1.

Speaking of MOTHER, I will soon send a genuine Mother famicom cart to my friend who will flash it with English text. It will be available for sell in two weeks. 60$ doesn't seem unreasonable for this unique Japan-exclusive game.

Speaking of video game CD:s , I do have a Japanese-exclusive Sega soundtrack from 1987 for sale. It's not anything special musically but nice for a collector.

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