september 17, 2012

Spartan X, Kung Fu Master

Spartan X (JP) Kung Fu Master (US)
For once I will show the European game cover. This is what made me want this game! I must have been 12 or so.
Kung Fu Master is the sequel to Kung Fu on the NES. Hmm, I guess that refutes an earlier thing I said about Metroid II. Anyways, as with Metroid II, this sequel is more detailed than its preceding NES game.
Was I happy when I got this game? Well, at first I was bad at it, and also disappointed I couldn't play as that cool bare chested ninja roaming the desert. What a rip off! "Boss pattern" was something new to me, but once I had the first level, the rest wasn't too much trouble. I would continue to pick up the game from time to time, trying such things as beating it without getting hit, only using punch, beating each boss as fast as possible, or getting a high score.
(Not my video)
The music is nice, and the gameplay is kind of sweet. When you beat enemies they will go away with a scream. The level design is nice and varied. The complete lack of difficulty makes it hard to rate, even if I enjoy a short and sweet game rather then the time-wasting Ninja Gaiden or the brute Double Dragon.
Based on its merits and lack of competitors for the Game Boy, I'll rate it 4/5.

A trivia is that in the Japanese version you get to meet the end boss immediately on the last level.

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