september 25, 2012

Space Invaders (Japan) for Game Boy

Space Invaders (JP)
I don't know what games to review. Good game, bad games, common games, uncommon games?

Anyways here is the Japanese version of Space Invaders. I feel sorry for anyone who buys it. This version was only released in Japan, and I think it is hard to find a simpler made game. I think I could have written this game myself in BASIC.

This game only seems to use two colors: black and white. No shades of grey.
If you are a hard core Space Invaders fan, you might enjoy this game. Even the first level is hard to beat.

I never liked Space Invaders, even when I first played it on my C64. It was a game that you got to play during the loading screen of F-15 Strike Eagle, I think, or some other game. Later I played it on an 286 but it just felt lame, difficult and pointless.

I give the game 1/5.
I think the box art is kind of cool though. Simple and stylish, as they were in Japan.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Påminner väldigt mycket om Wonderswan-releasen (om det inte är exakt samma?). För att vara från 1999 känns det lite för likt originalet. Utvecklarna kunde definitivt varit mer påhittiga.

  2. Aha, där ser man.
    Game Boy spelet är från 1990.