februari 08, 2013

Dough Boy for famicom

Dough Boy is surprisingly considered a "crap game" ('kusoge' in Japanese). I don't know why no one likes games that I like... For example, I spent a couple of hours making it to level 8-1 in Robo Warrior during the last few days. Many people dislike that game, too (one gamefaqs reviewer said: "avoid at all costs"). But I think it's a lot of fun. It just requires you to pay attention all the time...
What I like in a game is constant action that can be mastered. Tennis games, racing games, and Street Fighter II (but not Alpha, too complicated)...

Well, anyway: Dough Boy is a bit like Robo Warrior - you set bombs and blow stuff up.
update 2013-10-05: I made my own gameplay video now:

Some people compare it to Front Line in a negative way, a game which I also find playable if you just get over the simple graphics. Not all games can be evaluated with 5 minutes of play... Chrontendo never even learned to set off the bombs!

Okay, so here are the instructions for Dough Boy:
In the first level, as shown in the video, you collect caps, fuse and ladders. Then take the key and walk right to exit the level. In the next level, as shown in the picture, you apt the bombs by pressing A until you hear a beep. Then walk away while keeping A pressed. But don't walk into anything, and it seems you can't always walk straight up for some reason. Release at a safe distance and see the bomb go off. Place the bomb near the tower to make it fall.

Is it really that complicated? If you're a serious reviewer, at least take the time to learn how a game functions! The game only has 5 or so levels so it can be beaten pretty fast if you're good enough. :) Unlike the reviewers who don't spend time to actually play the games.

At the moment I've given up on trying to sell this game, but maybe you could try somewhere else!

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