februari 25, 2013

Hi Saturn Navi arrived

It is the most expensive retro thing I've bought.  I am excited about it but also a bit disappointed. It is smaller than I thought and has a flat top. I think the skeleton This Is Cool looks cooler. I also didn't get an LCD screen with it. I did get some other accessories, such as straps and the GPS thing. But without the LCD screen there isn't much special about it and not worth its price.

I took a chance and bought it as "junk" and I am still happy I did, because these things are hard to find and very expensive. The console is in great condition, even if the box looks like it has been beaten up.

Supposedly "a couple of thousands" copies were sold. I am always sceptical about those claims. You find "fewer than 2000" mentioned and taken as a truth. In reality, the numbers aren't known. "Someone" claimed it... Based on what? Stop believing in whatever anonymous people write on web forums...

But still I think it is more fun to have a items that are uncommon because they didn't sell well. This console was too expensive at the time, 3x the price of a normal Saturn. Items that are released as dedicated "limited editions" are often collectibles and often they can be found in 10 000 unopened copies, and that takes away the fun I think. At least the Hi Saturn Navi was made to be an extreme product for high end users to be used, and not to put in a shelf to collect dust.

It is unlikely anyone would give me what I paid for it, so I think I'll keep it. It can play CD+G -- karaoke discs. Might be useful some day.

Update: I put it up for sale: http://www.tradera.com/hi-saturn-navi-system-auktion_302266_176318275

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  1. Hi mate did you sell it. If not I could be interested.

  2. Hi! Thanks for commenting! Yes it was sold to someone in Oregon at the end of November 2013.