februari 09, 2013

Druid for FDS

Druid for Famicom Disk System is an action/RPG game that was not released on the NES. The game is a port of the Atari / C64 game called Druid.

 (http://www.gamefaqs.com/famicomds/578559-druid-kyoufu-no-tobira/images )

The game is played in a top down perspective, as in Legend of Zelda. It seems to be entirely in English. The one main feature of gameplay is the items and spells you pick up that you can use as weapons. Your druid is quite a shot so there are no RPG fights. Just walk around and shoot, using the best magic.

As so often there is no youtube video of the FDS game, but I found a howto of the C64 version. An annoying reviewer but I think he describes the gameplay well. The reviewer claims that the C64 looks the best because the FDS version looks "NESe". But compare for yourself with the screenshot...

A difference on the FDS according to strategywiki:
Instead of displaying your rating as it accumulates throughout the game, you are instead shown a Destroy meter. The meter has ten bubbles which are red when half full, and blue when full. You fill half of a bubble for killing each enemy. When twenty enemies are killed, the meter will be full. At that time, the meter will empty and your druid will gain a small boost in health. -- http://strategywiki.org/wiki/Druid/Version_comparisons#Famicom_Disk_System

A version was later made for the MSX2 and the Sinclar. I think both of them look better than the FDS version, and at least the MSX2 version has much improved sound.

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