februari 13, 2013

Some mods we do

We do a bunch of different console mods and can probably do some others... I have some skilled friends to help me. :)

Here is our unobtrusive and cheap famicom AV modd. Also gives an improved picture.  The label might not be perfect , that's because I put it there.

Here is the professional looking and cheapest SNES/SFC mod. But this is mainly for people who want to play both PAL and NTSC (JP/US) games.

A Mega Drive region mod. 

A Pc Engine Ten No Koe 2 with RGB output. This beats the DIM contacts, because the Scart cable is a standard cable. Also beats modding your pc engine console.

A Game Boy mod. Backlights and RCA contacts for ProSound. You can also chose to keep your existing ear phone contacts with ProSound, install a pitchmod and other things.

A mod of SG 1000 II was shown further down on the page.

We also do chip region mods but they cost a little more because there is often more work to them... I want to focus on providing the cheapest option.

Also modding Saturn and Dreamcast consoles! But those consoles cost a lot to chip internationally.

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