februari 03, 2013

Casio PV-1000 console

(Picture and more info at: http://www.videogameconsolelibrary.com/pg80-pv1000.htm)

I once had the chance to buy a game cart for the PV-1000 for relatively cheap. But I didn't, because I don't think I'd be able to sell it for a decent price. Who would buy it? I have never seen the PV-1000 console for sale in Japan, though I once read a forum post from someone who found his on eBay.

PV-1000 was released by Casio in Japan in October 1983, a couple months after the Famicom and the Master System. Its retail price was the same as the two others: 14,800 yen.

However, the PV-1000 was a worse machine and it was pulled off the shelves without hardly anyone caring. The Famicom became very popular very fast, largely thanks to all the killer games from Nintendo. And this was even 1,5 years before Super Mario Bros was released. It can be difficult to imagine how the famicom could become popular with all those primitive games such as Donkey Kong, and the best seller: Baseball (true!). But it was the best there was.

Anyways, I do like obscure stuff but only if they either look nice or are interesting to play. Games that are just bad aren't that interesting.

A system sure is obscure if you can't find it on gamefaqs. The system did however have 15 games, according to Wikipedia. According to my theory, that might indicate that 5 are common, 5 are uncommon, and 5 are rare. But that is just an estimate. In any case, all games for it are really hard to find.

This is a video of Super Cobra on the PV-1000, from a guy who modified his console to give out composite signal.When I see games like this I just think: "so primitive... how can you enjoy this?"

But did you know that the first Famicom games were only 16 KB? I don't know when that changed exactly but in the beginning famicom games looked primitive for space reasons. Still, Super Cobra looks worse than any famicom game.

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