februari 11, 2013

Serpent and the Lion King for game boy

My free times continues so I'll make short reviews of some games I played short times...

Serpent (US)Serpent, or Kakomun Hebi in Japan
Serpen, or Kakomun Hebi in Japan, is a Snake game that is well made. It has the appropriate graphics and a music that is catchy and more than you would expect. I don't think a snake game needs better graphics. The gameplay is updated with powerups, and the little new idea is that you don't explode if you hit your opponent, but your head starts to swell. After a while you explode.

Powerups are created when you encircle an area.

I can't play this game well because you press A to steer right, and Left to steer left. I remember that the Right button is for powerups. I'm too old to relearn how to steer a snake and kept on dying, unfortunately. But I think if you are young and can relearn, you will enjoy this game.

 Disney's The Lion King (EU)
Another game with weird controls is The Lion King for game boy. This game wasn't released in Japan (good for them). The graphics and sound are all pretty good, but the game has the Prince of Persia control scheme, meaning you can't jump when you want to. You can only jump precisely on the first step, and on the seond, and so on. Never in between. Most of the game consists of timing your jumps. What a shame... The game is otherwise well made.

Look at him falling down all the time...

I did beat the first level but died all my lives and continues on the second level. Twice, I think I tried. Bad controls are so annoying... I wonder if they tried out the game before they sold it?

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