oktober 09, 2014

Retro Gathering 2014

written by Kristin.

Sweden's 2nd to largest Retro Gaming convention @ Västerås, Saturday October 4th.
I've been working for Japanspel for almost two years now so me and Martin got free entry and the chance to sell some stuff. There were so many people that we didn't have time to take many photos.
For a few, short moments, one of us had the chance to take a stroll to look for things to buy for ourselves. By taking turns, we managed to get our hands on 4 things in 9 hours... we would've liked to find more stuff but I think as a seller it's pretty much impossible to get the same chances as a regular customer. We'll see what the situation is like next year.

Last year we made an article about Retro Gathering 2013, you can see it here.