augusti 30, 2013

Gimmick repro and Metroid Deluxe

We made a nice reproduction of the famicom game Gimmick.

It is based on the American NTSC version (unreleased), because we can't emulate the special famicom chip easily... The label is custom made and found at famicomworld (thank you). I think it looks nicer than the original Gimmick label, but also we don't want people to sell reproductions as original games on eBay.
For this repro we took 495 SEK (75$) at the time, but the next time we get a doner-cart, we can offer it for 395 SEK (59$). Both prices are including 25% VAT. Unfortunately, There are only a few rare carts that can be used as donor cart for the Gimmick repro, so we can't do many.

My colleague just made this Metroid Deluxe repro too. I think Metroid Deluxe is called a 'hack' game. this repro will cost 395 SEK (59$) incl. VAT. The label design is a mix between a Nintendo Power Poster and the FDS logo which we have edited in Photoshop.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Are you gonna sell these on Tradera?? :)

  2. They are sold. :) We can make more.

    Here are some other fun hacks we can make repros of:

    Castlevania II Redaction
    Mario Adventure
    MegaMan 3 The Battle of Gamma
    MegaMan Ultra
    The Legend of Zelda: Outlands
    Links Adventure part two