september 01, 2013

PsOne with LCD screen

I have never played the Playstation, eventhough I sell it. One reason is because I think the console is so ugly looking.

But I finally found a good way to enjoy PS1: A PsOne with LCD screen.

This thing is pretty amazing.

A crystal clear screen and a sound superior to my TV. It is Sony after all, they make good loudspeakers.

I have already sold it for 695 SEK (100$, including 25% VAT).

I prefer games that aren't complicated, and I played Choro Q (also known as Penny Racers) for an hour on the PsOne. It was fun at first, but I soon felt that the game hardly gave any variation. I recorded some footage, but the composite picture with the standard RCA cables looked so terrible compared to the LCD screen that I won't bother uploading it.

I still prefer the Saturn though. I think it has more character. The PS1 had so many games, and so many RPGs and adventure games, I don't know where to start.

This was my first PS1 post.

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