augusti 10, 2013

Bomberman for game boy

I enjoy game boy games and there are several bomberman games that are available. One of them is Bomberman Red for GBC, that I played to the end.

One nice thing with bomberman games is that they aren't that hard to beat. One of perhaps bad things is that they are repetitive. But you could say that it is nice with a game where you don't have to think too much. Just play and keep on playing.

The basic bomberman gameplay takes a couple of hours until it feels natural. In the first hours you will die many times from your own bombs, but after a while you'll improve and after that you'll be able to master any bomberman.

The first bomberman was released in 1983 for a couple of early computer systems in Japan such as MSX. The famicom version was relased in 1985, and it was also released on the NES in the US in 1989. It was not relased in Europe. But it was relased as a game boy game which was mostly the same, except with a smaller screen and a password function.

I played a bit of it yesterday with Super Game Boy.

I chose green as background to match with the original bomberman...
As you can see, my way of playing is to play safe. Avoid the risk of blowing yourself up.

I think there are 100 levels. After a while I got tired of playing it though.

More information about the game on the video page.

The game boy game is very cheap (2-3$). The famicom game that looks almost the same is around 6-7$. The games are completely in English.

Later there were many many bomberman games. The Super famicom (SNES) games are fun as party games, since you can be up to 5 players with a multitap. It is reported that Super Bomberman 4 is the most fun of them.

The Sega Saturn has a bomberman that allows up to 16 players at the same time. Some consider it the ultimate 2D bomberman game.

I'll rate the Game Boy game 4/5. There is also the "Bomber Boy" mode that is more complex, with power upgrades you select before each course. Personally I prefer a simpler game style so I didn't play that but I weigh it into the grading.

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  1. Loved bomberman for Gameboy. Not as good as the NES version but a worthy Bomberman game when you wanted to play something on the go!