augusti 20, 2013

Dungeon Explorer for Pc Engine

I was happily surprised by Dungeon Explorer. It felt like the game Diablo that I played a lot back in the late 90's. Dungeon Explorer is from 1989, and I think it is impressive how many enemies at the same time on the screen. The SNES might not have been capable of this without slowdowns or flickering.

The screen is a bit dark, I think I used the wrong cables this time... But the game is a bit dark, since it is in dungeons.


I think there a lot of action/RPGs well worth checking out. Neutopia is also a nice game. Personally, I don't like the more adventure-like games, such as Legend of Zelda and Neutopia where you walk a lot back and forth a lot. Walking is the main element in those games, in my opinion. A game such as Dungeon Explorer is more straight forward action and is more enjoyable for me. Also this doesn't require Japanese knowledge as far as I can tell from my short playing.  

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