augusti 01, 2013

Doraemon and Astro Boy for famicom

Yesterday I watched AVGN and he was angry about all the crappy licensed games in America (Arnold games and Spielberg games).
I think that in Japan they had a lot better licensed games.
I recorded myself playing Doraemon and Astro Boy (Tetsuwan Atom) on famicom. I made a mistake with the sound, only recording on one channel. But anyways I think the gameplay is clear.

In Doraemon, you can continue by pressing Left+Start at game over screen. This is probably necessary. I think I missed powerups because my Doraemon is just getting killed over and over again.
As you might suspect from my seemingly random shooting, I am trying to find the hidden exits. That's the trickiness of the game. I definitely think it is an amusing game.

In Tetsuwan Atom I had some trouble too, trying to figure out how to fly.I think you have to take a lot of coins and after that jump three times forward. This game was made by Konami, it is a fun game too. I got some kind of powerup at the end of the video, I am not sure what it does and I didn't have more time...

I think that these games have more depth than one might suspect. Several other Japanese action games are actually deeper once you get into them. It is not just running and punching. Some people find these games confusing or "crappy", but actually they are very good games if you learn the ideas.
Both these games are full of secrets.
They were only released in Japan, but can be found relatively cheap. I just sold Atom Boy for 39 SEK = 6$ and Doraemon for 25 SEK = 3$.

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