oktober 11, 2012

Ganso!! Yancha-Maru for Game Boy (Kid Niki)

Yesterday I sat down to play this game that I recently received. It was only released in Japan, but is entirely in English. Not that common.Yanchu-Maru is also known as Kid Niki on the NES. The games don't seem to be the same though.

It starts off a bit boring and easy, same as Adventure Island. But it gets a bit better. It's a short game of only 4 worlds and 3 courses on each world. You get 5 continues, which was enough even for me to be able to beat it without much difficulty.

(not my video)

The game is almost a Super Mario Land rip-off. Notice the moving platform at 2:33 and how the clouds look. Also notice the bonus at the end of levels and the hidden bonus rooms where you can collect coins.

I do like it. Sure the music is repetitive, but the sprites are nice and big (unlike super mario land). And I was able to beat it! That's nice. The bosses can be tricky but once you've died a few times from their surprise attacks, they are very easy to figure out and only take a few hits.

Maybe if you beat it without using continues you get to the good ending. My ending said "Sorry Maru" or something like that.

The enemies could have been more inspired, the game could have been a bit longer. But I like short and sweet games, and there's not anything wrong with this one.

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