december 08, 2013

Gun Sight on famicom, second look

Two days ago I played Gun Sight. I didn't try it for long but I thought the game probably had more to offer, if I spent some time learning it. So I did. A Friday evening isn't so good for frustration, but a couple more minutes and it wasn't too difficult.

The map on the lower left shows your helicopter as the big solid object. The X shows a base you can refuel. The o shows your objective for the mission.


I stopped at the X to refuel. A little tricky to land, I think if the down arrow lights you have to press Up. But as you see it worked out several times. I did miss one landing and had to circle.

At the end of the O I met the enemy helicopter. This took some time when I just used the normal weapon, but you can shoot a missle to. I am not sure how, but I think you hold down B and then also press A. Not sure though. With Select you can cycle between the Missile and the Extra Fuel.

After I landed, I played in this Operation Wolf mode. I am not that good at it but am glad I made it. On the inside you walk around in a old-school 3D mode where more enemies appeaar. It was difficult to get them and I died several times. I had to cut the video before 15 minutes, but I made it to the exit not long after and cleared the mission. I also got a password that can be entered in the Option menu.
There's several lives, continues and password, something typical of Konami games.
Konami produces quality. Great game considering it is famicom. Probably sounds better on famicom considering the big and heavy cart. I see on that it uses the advanced MMC5 mapper.

I also found out that you can indeed use the famicom lightgun! That's cool. I couldn't record it because the recorder can't show the light properly through the recorder.

Good thing I have a lightgun saved away for a customer.
I think it is hard to play with a lightgun but it could be a practice thing.

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