juli 14, 2013

Frisky Tom table game, short mention of Bandai Playdia

As previously mentioned in my Frisky Tom game boy article, I had a Frisky Tom table game on the way.

It works well. Small scratches on the plastic screens from normal use.
I can't call this a pocket game, because it wouldn't fit in a pocket.
I had to clean the battery contact a little but after that it was go.

The console has a plug for external power supply but I don't dare try out my power supplies on it.  There is no marking on what it wants. The Bandai Playdai has a center positive polarity and it didn't like it with I plugged in a center negative polarity by mistake. ( I think it broke the console, unless it wasn't broken before. But it is most likely just to replace a fuse. ) Frisky Tom is also a Bandai machine, and I don't know what power supply it may use.

In the game, you move around with the little joystick. Press Attack to hit them, if you have picked up a pipe to hit with.

Well, not too bad for 1982 I suppose. I have it priced at 495 SEK = 75$. Why not. I like the looks. It looks like a Casio calculator from the 80's.

By the way, here is my Bandia Playdia, New In Box.

Here is a second one (working condition). 

I am still looking for games... There are 20-30 or so, most of them being point-and-click, Full Motion Video, for younger kids I think.

The Playdia can also play normal music CDs.

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