februari 18, 2014

Dandy on famicom disk system

I have been busy in the last week. Many games to sell and some personal things too.
In the last weekend I finally got some time to play some games.

I have previously mentioned that games in top-down perspective is something I enjoy playing. Here is now Dandy, and action/RPG game, that I think was only released on famicom disk system.

I often write that action/RPG games are "probably playable" without knowing Japanese. It can be difficult to know for sure because sometimes there are hints you need to read. For example, any Legend of Zelda game is pretty hard if you can't read the hints.

I made a video that shows my initial playing, with live spoken commentary. Not perfect, I know. My microphone isn't that good.


The house where only one man is standing is actually a shop, but it is only open in daytime. One of the things you can buy there is a potion that will restore your health if you die. You can have a max of 2 potions, and you can see how many potions you have when you press start. In my video, it always says 0.

After about 6-7 hours, I made it to the end. At this stage I had gotten all the items, weapons and orbs.  The game saves right before, so if you reload you can see the ending again, which I did. I think I found a bug in the ending screen too.

Here is the ending:


I think the game is pretty fun. I didn't have any problems finishing it without understanding Japanese.
The loading times may be annoying to some people, but I didn't mind.

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