januari 24, 2014

More twin famicom nerd info

Incidentally today is a Friday, and so Famicom Friday suits well.
The good thing when you make your own videos is that you don't have to worry about them getting deleted (unless youtube deletes them for some reason).

I got a twin famicom with some loose contacts on the back. It is a common problem. In the first video I show you how I fix that. I should add that I am not a "modding guy", and this is about as advanced as my soldering gets. I have colleagues that do the modding. So don't worry, your console don't have to suffer my hands.

Alright, then I made another video with a bunch of info about twin famicom and disk systems in general. I didn't mean to make it this long, but I started talking and got into it. It is in English. I hope you'll find it interesting.

Then I played three Mario games on famicom to test our latest AV modded famicom.


Weird how I have started to find the original Mario Bros game (the plumber game) playable. The first many times I found the controls to be annoying and impossible, but after having played it every now and then for 1-2 years it doesn't feel that bad.

I wonder if I in the future will feel the same way about Mega Drive and Nintendo 64.  I actually played some MD and N64 games during the week, although I didn't enjoy them much. Gameplay videos are on youtube.

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