januari 17, 2014

A Twin famicom restoration

Here is a non-technical article about a twin famicom I restored today.
Twin Famicoms are often easier to restore than disk systems because disk systems are often in worse condition.

This is a blog so it only mentions what I did today.  This is not a guide or how-to, just a blog. It is written in a light hearted tone and I do not claim to know the answers for how to do the calibration 100% perfectly.

If you have a problem with your twin famicom or disk system it could need other work and I don't offer technical advice here. However, we do offer restauration service if you should need it and you are located in Europe.

Also this is a short version. I don't mention every detail such as how you should unscrew things. Again, this is not a how-to.

A good looking twin famicom. The cart works, but the disk drive probably needs fixing.

Opening it up. Disk part to the left. I'll unscrew and remove it. Opening it up.

Opened it up and removed the rest of the old belt. Still some black stuff on the wheels. 
Want to get it completely away.

A useful substance.

Cleaning cleaning cleaning... This takes several minutes.

Okay done! I'll take this yellow belt and put it on this metallic thing and put it into place. The yellow belt I bought from Japan, usually they are black.


Screw back the circuit board as well.

Turn this wheel all the way to the left (anti-clockwise). Or turn it right until it clicks, and then turn left...

Putting in this hex key (Or what it is called) to loosen this thing.

 Will make it parallel.

Tighten it again. 

Wow, such dirty lens. Have to clean that. 

Use cleaning/rubbing alcohol of some sort. Take another tops and give it a good rub. 

Shiny and clean. You can actually do this with lots of stuff to get them to work.

Let's measure this area. I want this thing to just barely fit into that little space. That is a good distance. Seems I am lucky, this one is good.

Usually, you need to turn this screw to make the perfect distance. If you don't have the perfect distance, the games will give error messages.

Put it back and let's do testing.


Seems to be working. Let's try some known problem games.


Also tested a Zelda game. It must work, people want to play Zelda. Love the intro music in the FDS version. Flip it around to make the game start automatically. Chose a save game and go.

I'm satisfied it works for now. Screw in the screws for the disk...

And now these in the bottom.

Missing one of the rubber feet. This is common. I'll take one from my own twin fami and put it  in place.


Now I have to keep on testing games on it and test the controllers carefully.

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