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Jackie Chan on famicom

I think I should stop making Famicom Friday because it will slow down the blogging if I only post famicom games on Fridays. I am a high energy blogger. "More talk, less smileys." Here is a blog post about Jackie Chan that I wrote almost a week ago.

If you have played the original Kung Fu on NES, or The Kung Fu on Pc Engine, you may not be interested in another Kung Fu platformer.  However, Jackie Chan is an excellent game.

As is my new years promise, I decided to see if I could beat it. I haven't played it before. The challenge is to beat it without looking at info, walkthroughs or youtube videos.

The first feeling one gets is how difficult the controls are. Jumping on the clouds should normally not be a problem, but here it requires some skill to do. However, it doesn't take long to learn the controls and they aren't bad per se, just a bit unusual.

Here is a gameplay video I made of the first few stages.


The game is not very difficult, but since you are likely to die several times on the last end bosses, you'll probably get some game overs and need to restart the game.

The last boss was difficult. After you beat the first end boss, who is our arch-nemesis of the game, you leave her castle. But then on the way down, a freak spider appears out of nowhere. If you die on the spider, you also have to replay the end boss and the dragons before her.

After a while I decided to get some help on how to find the bonus bells for extra lives.
Thank you Selmiak's website: http://selmiak.bplaced.net/games/nes/index.php?lang=eng&game=Jackie-Chans-Action-Kung-Fu
I had no idea on even how to locate them, since I don't have the manual.
With the help of this, I end up with around 15 lives before the endboss. I still had to do this 3 times before I on my third attempt with 15 lives was able to beat the game.

You can play through the earlier stages in around 30 minutes so it isn't too bad. In fact it is fun. I was also happy about how quickly the bosses could be defeated. I hate ridiculously long boss battles.

The bonus stages are fun too. I made a video with the ones I encountered during the last play through. The one with bubbles is the most interesting, I could play a game like that for hours if there is one (does anyone know if there is one?).


I read walkthroughs too on gamefaqs. They don't actually tell you how to beat the game, but I learnt that there is a "psycho wave", a special weapon you active by holding B. That was somewhat useful.

Here is a video of my last attempts. I turned off the recorded when I played the spider actually because I was sure I would die and have to restart. But it turned out that the spider is quite easy when you realize that you move much faster left/right than up/down, and that will make it easy to avoid the boomerang. Too bad to have a cut video but I still feel satisfied with my accomplishment. 


The game is a bit like Kung Fu Master that I had as a kid on Game Boy. It is quite easy and can quickly be beaten but still gives you some satisfaction. You can give yourselves mini challenges such as beating the game as quickly as possible, or with as many lives remaining as possible. Also, if you don't know about the bonus bells it is actually a hard game that would probably take a week or more to beat.

There is the especially long water rafting stage that will eat away your lives if you don't find the bonus stages. The developers were probably kind to put in extra bonus stages on that stage.

As mentioned, the controls feel weird the first time.
When it comes to attack, you have the normal jump-kicking and punching. There is also the unnecessary special attack that you activate by pressing Up+B. This thing is just not useful. You get the special attacks randomly, you often activate them by mistake when you jump and they just don't have any purpose.

There is a secondary special attack too! Hold B to create a "psycho wave". It is useful against a few enemies.

I think the music is very nice and cheerful, the graphics are better than average for the NES, and I liked how coloful and fun all enemies looked. You might compare the game to Duck Tales on NES. It is well worth the 50 SEK (9$) this game often is sold for.

Next blog post will be about two Mega Drive games and then I have prepared one about two unusual famicom games.

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