mars 04, 2014

Famicom 4-player adapter, finally

I finally have a 4-player adapter for famicom.

I didn't know this adapter existed until today. You simply plug it into the famicom console, and will get two extension ports. I only have one extra controller, but in my tests the first output is player 3, and the second is for player 4. Player 1 and 2 will of course use the normal famicom controllers.

I tested the games Wit's, Nekketsu Kakutou Denstesu and V-Ball that all have a four player mode. I think most Nekketsu/Kunio kun games have 4 player mode. A little problem with those games is the flickering though. I can also imagine it will be very crowded in front of the TV if you play your famicom games with four players.

To be honest, I think famicom/NES is best as 1-player. A few games have cool 2-player modes, but multiplayer games are probably better on more modern consoles, starting with SNES.

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  1. Hi.

    Where did you buy this?

    I don't find one of this.