mars 13, 2014

Three Dirty Dwarves on Sega Saturn

I meant to make a longer review but the game already sold. I'll still write something down, hehe.

Three Dirty Dwarves is a beat'em up game for the Saturn. I had never even heard of it until I got it last month, so I was happy when I found out how much fun it was.

This gameplay video I made starts with the cut-video after the first stage. Then a boss level, and then stage 3.

I nearly gave up on the third stage and maybe the fourth stage, because I kept on dying and had to replay the stage. But it was fun enough so I kept on playing. And it wasn't too hard, once I understood the special weapons of each character and how to use them properly against enemies.

The fun and original aspect of this game is: you have three characters and if one of them gets hit, you can use the second one to revive him! If he also dies, you can use the third. But if all of them die, you have to restart the level. As you see, it happened to me.

Now, the game is maybe the most humorous game I have played and I am grateful that I got to discover it. It may be worth to get a Saturn just to play this game, as it was not released on Playstation.

Not only are there beat'em up stages, but weird bosses and even a cart stage.

There is more I could say about gameplay, but as I said I won't bother with the details for this review. For further reviews , details and info, I suggest gamefaqs:

The main negative thing about the game is that it is short. It took me around 3-4 hours. Although there is a Hard mode too that may offer more challenge.

I made a video of the ending too. It won't show how to beat the boss, although it is easy anyways.

Even more fun is that you can play 2 player and even 3 player with a multitap!

I looked up the developer because the credits made me curious... It was a Hungarian based company! They also made Echo the Dolphin and a few other games, but I didn't see anything else like this.

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