mars 14, 2013

Doraemon Kart for Game Boy

Doraemon Kart
Doraemon Kart was released only in Japan, in 1998. It is a pretty late game, at this time most games were Game Boy Color games.

The game is not very good. It has one somewhat original idea: you pick up a little power up that does something, such as giving you extra speed. The idea comes from Super Mario Kart, I assume. Maybe this is the closest we will come on the Game Boy.

Doraemon Kart Screenshot
There is super game boy support, but a bad one.

The game is playable even if it isn't that good. I think most Doraemon games were made for a younger audience, so don't expect any deeper strategies. 
There is at least two different ways of playing. In the first one you start as the boy, and he is a bad driver. In the second mode you can chose character, and Doraemon is a much better driver.

I don't know what the aim of the game is, but there are some different courses and I assume you should win them all. 

The game has some serious flickering and the music is just annoying. Still, I'll rate it 3/5 because I think it is playable. But you should be 7-10 years old and fancy Doraemon.

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