mars 25, 2013

Sega SG-1000 AV mod

My colleague wanted me to show the mod on the SG-1000, the first Sega console, relased in Japan in 1984. I think you won't find it modded anywhere on the internet. It is a rare and expensive console, around 2000 SEK (300$).

Some people would prefer to keep everything intact, but then you wouldn't be able to use the console. My TV, that plays famicom and Pc Engine through RF, only has a rolling image with the early Sega consoles.

Here it is from the front. One of the controllers is attached to the console, the other one is connected to the side. We have sent it to Retrospelsmässan.
I kind of admire the design on the console. The appearance is an interesting combination of sci-fi and toy. A bit yellowed, as they often are.

As for games, you don't really need the console. You can use a Japanese Master System or Mark III to play SG 1000 games. Still, there aren't a lot of good games for it. Most early games are primitive looking.

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  1. This is nice I got one of those consoles and I was thinking about doing the mod to modernize the console for the actual LCD tvs it looks nice with the jacks.