mars 09, 2013

Tekkaman Blade for Game Boy

A side scrolling action game only released in Japan, in 1992. Based on the anime with the same name. I think the game is uncommon because I only got it recently.

In case anyone wonders, I now have 530 Japanese game boy games, only counting grey carts, and almost exactly 300 boxed games. In my calculation, there are around 775 or so in total... Hard to believe there are so many games I don't have. Not that I aim for the complete collection though. But every new game makes me happy when I get it, so I keep on collecting...

You are sidescrolling around as you usually do in these games, killing  enemies as you see them. You can't shoot, but you have a blade. You have a grappling hook that sticks to the ceiling, activated with Up+B. You can jump very high if you press Down+A.

I like the typical 80's video game action music. Maybe it comes from the anime.

The colors on the Super Game Boy (SGB) always seem to look best with color option 2 as in the picture. Why they didn't make it the default?

At the bottom of the screen are some boxes that fill up slowly. When you press Start, as in my screenshot, you will see a little menu where the letters stand for something. For example, GR might stand for Gravity. If you use the GR box, you float up for a short while.

There is a stat called "Lv". It means how strong you are. If you take small power-up items, you increase your Level and enemies will take fewer hits to kill.

The action is fairly standard side scrolling action-hero action based on licensed game. I think it is about the same in Judge Dredd, Terminator, Turrican and RoboCop type of games. With the grapling hook, the game reminds me of Bionic Commando. The levels in this game aren't very exciting but I think the original concept with items makes the game a bit more interesting.

You have three lives and there are some checkpoints on each level. There are two continues, after that it is game over. There is nothing spectacular about the game, even if it has cool music and a grapling hook. I will give it 3/5.

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