maj 08, 2013

A couple of SFC/SNES games

I haven't had much time to play due to more items arriving. I put up a lot of them for auction. Such as Fatal Fury 3 and Shining the Holy Ark, still sealed.

( don't need to ask if I have more of these, because I don't )

I had some SFC games too. In a SF Memory Cassette I found the game Fire Emblem: Thracia 776.

I also got the the first released Fire Emblem game on the Super Famicom. It is supposedly a great game according to those that love these kind of strategical RPGs (such as Advance Wars).I just show it so you see how it looks.


And here is memory cart with Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. It was released in 1999 I think, it was one of the last SFC games. At first it was only released in a version you downloaded into a save cart such as this one. I tried the cart and it actually had that game on it. So far I have only had crappy games on the carts.
The intro is nice.

And another late release game: Power Sokoban, released in 1999. Sokoban (or Sokouban) is the game were you push rocks to their right position, while avoiding getting the rocks stuck in a corner. 

A little platformer I don't see what so great about, but it has a cult following. Joe & Mac. I have another boxed copy of this game, both boxes have been severely used. A sign of a beloved game, I say.
2 player Co-op platformers are always fascinating. :)

And speaking of intros with nice graphics, here is Tales of Phantasia.

And here is a translated ROM. The ROM in the video has the original Japanese voice acting which is considered less annoying than the English fan made voice acting. ( voice acting is hard, so no surprise ). I think it could be played in Japanese, because it isn't too advanced.

We actually offer a service to flash the game cart with a version of your choice, such as a translated English Rom.  225 SEK + game cart price. Popular game, and a great game too.

And how about a funny little action game called Kid Klown in Crazy Chase.

As often, few people are interested in this game, but I like it. Constant action, that's my favorite way of playing.

Well I hope you got something out of this post! 

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