maj 14, 2013

Yuu Maze for famicom disk system

In my mystery box of famicom games I also received the unknown Yuu Maze. It is a pac-man kind of game. You drive around a maze, avoid enemies, and eat the little dots. The game is fast paced. A nice feature is that you can stop your movement just by not pressing any buttons, and so it feels like it has more strategy than pac-man.

I never find these games to amuse me, because they are the same from first to last level. I didn't like Pac-Man as a kid either. But anyone who likes pac-man would probably like Yuu Maze.

 I played to round 17 until I committed suicide with my last life. The game has a save feature too. And some extra stuff such as warp zones (as seen in the picture), bonus areas and power-ups.

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