maj 27, 2013

Momotaro Thunderbolt 2 for Game Boy

Momotaro Thunderbolt 2, or Momotarou Dengeki 2, is a platforming game released on the Game Boy in 1994, only in Japan.

It's a nice little platformer with cute characters and nice Super Game Boy support, too.
It is NOT the same as the Momotaro Densetsu board game series.

You can transform to different animals when you take a power-up. The bird for example can fly a little further at each jump. The cat is faster, and the monkey seems to be doing a screwattack (like in Metroid).

The cute-platformer style is the same as in games such as Adventure Island (known in Japan as Takaheshi Meijin) and PC Genjin (Bonk's Adventure / B.C. Kid outside Japan). Big cute sprites. I'm usually not a big fan of those games since I find them too repetitive...

But I enjoyed Momotaro Thunderbolt even though it has the same concept. I played the first 10 or so courses (including three bosses) without resetting so if you enjoy games such as the NES Flintstones games or the two other games I just mentioned, then the Momotaro Thunderbolt is something for you.

The music is decent but sometimes if feels like it's taken from a puzzle game. Another question mark for me is: who is the hero and what is his quest? Saving a princess? Saving the world? I guess they made this game for kids who don't care about the story. I rate it 4/5.

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