november 15, 2013

Magic Knight Rayearth (saturn) and Youtube, and other saturn intros

I uploaded the intro of Magic Knight Rayearth a while ago.
After that, I got a "contentid" warning on youtube, and my account is now restricted to max 15 min long videos... This restriction will last for 6 months, if I don't get more contendId warnings.

I read alot about the contentId thing they have on youtube. If your clip is restricted by its copyright owner worldwide, you will get this warning.

It isn't the same as a copyright strike though. A copyright strike is more serious -- if you get three stikes your account will be permanently deleted. That would be pretty devastating for me...

I have uploaded around 200 videos now. Many of them have third party matches, such as the song from Super Mario Bros that is copyright by nintendo. Bomberman songs is also copyright, but not be Hudson but by a company they work together with: iosyshaitenai. This is confusing. All it says is: the music is owned by iosyshaitenai.

This video has copyright material from a greek geological / weather company. I have no idea what. I thought it could be the logo in the intro, or maybe that the game developers used 3d graphics material.

My videos of Super Mario Bros 2 also have copyright song from "Taigherwuds-Bravo Mario! (Original Mix)" by InGrooves. Another Super Mario Bros 2 video has copyright music from "Organ Donors-Super Mario", by [Merlin] Essential Music.
Basically this means that they get money from the ads that are shown by the video. They can also chose to block access to my video, if they want. (by the way, I don't get or have signed up to make money from the ads by my videos)

If you get a contentId warning you can dispute it. It took me a while to understand what this is and what it does. Youtube has several warnings about doing it wrong, that it might get your account banned and such. You can't actually dispute that material is owned by the copyright holders, so I can't dispute that I use material from "Organ Donors-Super Mario", by InGrooves, whoever that is. I think it is a copyright troll.

You can claim fair use though. What happens is that they send your message to the copyright owner, who then decides if they want to allow me to use their copyright material. Youtube has all kinds of warnings about this. Fair use you only be claimed if your material is non-commercial, does not infringe on the original material, creates something new from the original or is used for critical commentary....

Well it isn't the easiest thing to try and figure out if my Magic Knight Rayearth video is fair use. After reading around, it seems that it might not be, but that you probably won't get penalized for asking a few times. So I sent in a fair use request on my intro of Magic Knight Rayearth, and until TMSanime has decided, the clip will be available for viewing. So take your chance to watch this beautiful intro.

I really started to like Saturn intros. I like them more than the intros on any other console, for some reason, including on later consoles.

Here is the intro for Langrisser III
I have NO IDEA on how to play the game so I just shot the intro. LOL.

Here is Cyber Doll. I actually played that game, and I liked it. Check out part 2 and 3 for gameplay.
Very imaginative story, maybe they used drugs.

I have made a couple more Saturn intro videos that are on Youtube.

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