november 22, 2013

Moto Roader (Pc Engine)

This is a racing game for the Pc Engine where you can play up to 5 players. I think that as a top down racing game it lasts longer than the racing games you drive into the screen. It is probably a lot of fun with a multitap and a couple of friends.
Some people complain that the steering is too difficult but as you can see I quickly got used to it. Secondly, you can easily change your steering in the shop, where you select one of two different types.

This game was so much fun that I spent a couple of hours until I beat it. I had some luck, but I think that's part of the game.

When you reach the end of the screen the car respawns and you lose one on the timer. Go below zero and you are game over. 

The interesting thing is that is a lot of the game is a strategy element in how you spend your money to upgrade your car. If you start by buying a better engine, that money will have been wasted once you buy a better engine. But if you don't buy upgrades you won't win races and get more money. And you can't sell your items for money back, so chose wisely.


At 00:18 you can see that to change steering, chose between Handle A or Handle B.
Another useful item in the shop is the Gas Tank. It will allow you to fill up the counter once during a game and it can save you from a game over.

I am the white car. In the first race I saved almost all my money but still finished second. Thanks to that, I could be the best possible engine for the second race.


I cut out some races in between so you'll see the last heats here only. I hadn't played most of the courses before so that's why my actual driving is bad. But I won!

Different upgrades do different things. The Turbo will increase your speed but you will accelerate slower. With higher speeds you will need better brakes and tires.

You can get the game in our webshop right here:

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