september 26, 2012

HU Card case

Here is a good HU card case. The Famicom Disk System case.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hey man!
    I'm currently playing through/testing every game worth playing/testing on the gameboy. I think my list of games is complete.
    Is there anything you miss? Or could I consider myself finished with the format once i beat metroid 2 and castlevania legends?
    Great blog in any case!

  2. I'm probably not the right person to ask, because I just leave any game that bores me. It is the amount of games that interest me :D Game should be short and sweet, lol. It's funny because there's a lot of games I don't think are worth beating. This includes the slow Kid Dracula and every Mega Man after III.

    But Donkey Kong Land 2 and III are better than the first game.
    What about Final Fantasy Legend / Mystic Quest? Metal Gear Solid?

    But if you think Rolan's Curse and Trax are must beat game I could mention so many others, that I just won't do it...