september 15, 2012

Metroid II

 Metroid II: Return of Samus (JP)
Metroid II is the sequel to the NES game Metroid. It is the only sequel I know of that was only released on the Game Boy as a sequel to a NES game. It is also one of the more expensive Game Boy carts; it regularly sells for around 20$ loose.

Metroid II actually has better graphics than Metroid, and it also has a save feature that the NES version lacks (although the Japanese Famicom Disk System version has a save). Some people dislike that Metroid II is more linear that Metroid but I would say it's an advantage for a grown up with limited time.

It is a simpler game than Metroid, because you can't get lost that easily. It may still be tricky to find your way through the caves, but there isn't many errors that can be made. Personally, I hate having to go back and forth and being stuck for hours, so I don't have patience for like Zelda-like games. This game is acceptable. I might get stuck for 1-2 hours because I didn't understand how the upgrades worked, in particular the jump in mid air. But I wouldn't say it was unfair, as a game such as Zelda can be.

In the end, I did have to cheat and look up how to kill the end boss. Here's the spoiler: you either need a whole lot of missiles (200+ ?) or you roll into a ball and into his mouth, put a bomb there.

Play it on SGB or GBC to get limited but much need colors.

The film Alien served as the inspiration for Metroid, as it happens. You will need to appreciate Alien-like games to enjoy the game, such as running around in the dark with ambient music in the background. I suggest you give the game 20 minutes and if you're not hooked, turn it off.

I would say it's one of those games where you forget you're playing the game boy; you're just playing a great game. 5/5

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