september 27, 2012

Puyo Puyo for Game Boy

Puyo Puyo Pocket Puyo Puyo Tsuu
These games were only released in Japan. The puyo puyo concept is interesting because it was so popular in Japan but never quite made it over. Some Sega users may know it as Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, and a fairly unknown SNES game was released too. In Japan, it was released on virtually every gaming console.

Anyways, it is an original approach to the Tetris concept that is quite simple but still challenging.
I probably should write a longer description of how to play this game, but I'll do it some other day.
Pocket Puyo Puyo Tsuu Screenshot
The twist with Puyo Puyo is that you always play against a 2-player. Either human or computer. When you create certain chains of removed blocks, your opponent will get penalty blocks. When the blocks reach the top you are game over, as in Tetris.

In Puyo Puyo 2 some new ideas were introduced, such as being able to rotate the block when they are in between other blocks. This makes the game less annoying.

I think the Puyo Puyo games may be fun if you have a friend to play it with, which I don't, and that's why I play the Game Boy. Maybe my brain is too old. I am not able to get into the chain-thinking and the computer easily beats me on level 2. I want to clear blocks, not build them in strange patterns. :-/ How long should I keep trying to master this game?

Maybe someone will teach me to appreciate this game, or I'll give it a couple more chances, but I have many other GB games to try until then. I'll just give these ones (both of them) 3/5.

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  1. Toon Blast is also a great game. You can play it on PC as well.

  2. Toon blast is much more better then this game. start playing today.