november 16, 2012

List of classical video game consoles by appearance

Another list today. Preliminary, it may change as I see more systems...

Judging by shape and standard color, not limited edition and colors schemes..
Only including classic consoles that are or were commonly known. So no Virtual Boy or other consoles that were niche.
No further explanation needed, I think... List of best looking consoles are:
  1. Pc Engine Duo-R
  2. Mark III / SG-1000 II
  3. Sega Saturn, in particular the Japanese model 1
  4. 70's consoles with wood panels
  5. neo geo pocket
  6. Sega SG-1000
  7. Twin Famicom
  8. Pc engine core grafx
  9. Dreamcast
  10. Mega Drive 2
Nintendo made very practical consoles, but they are not beautiful and did not make the list...

neo geo AES, 3DO, PC-FX and others that I have not seen enough of to evaluate.

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