november 26, 2012

Mega Drive games look too good

I feel like an idiot (again) because I bought a bunch of Mega Drive games that I thought looked cool, without checking what they were. It turns out that they are pretty bad.

Super Hydlide (JP)Super Hydlide  Mazin Saga (JP) Mazin Saga Bahamut Senki (JP)Bahamut Senki

Fighting Masters (JP)Fighting Masters

With some other games that aren't worth anyting, such as Street Fighter II and Eternal Champions... Calculating the loss now...

2 kommentarer:

  1. I really enjoy collection Japanese Sega Mega Drive games. Even the ones that I can't play because of the language.
    The ones you show here do look really good. It you put them on display on a shelf you might start liking them :)
    And Mazin Saga is not bad. It's not the best but it's pretty good.

  2. Maybe i will do that. :)