november 15, 2012

My favourite retro-consoles

I saw a list somewhere that ranked consoles, and I thought I'd make my own for classic consoles..
They are impartially listed by how much impact they have had. It may however be biased for the Japanese market, and maybe for the time around 1990-1998 when I was most into video games...

1. Famicom/NES - Started video games for most people
2. Sony PlayStation - The first modern system
3. GBA - It had everything
4. SNES - So many timeless classics
5. Sega Mega Drive - It's a cool SNES
6. Game Boy - Showed what a handheld should be
7. Nintendo 64 - Nintendo's crowning system
8. Dreamcast - Great system, great games
9. Atari 2600 - The first home system
10. Pc Engine - Good system, solid games
11. Sega Master System - The only Famicom competitor
12. Sega Saturn -  Last and best 2D system
13. Neo Geo AES - Brought the arcade to your home
14. Game Gear - Only Game Boy competitor
15. Game Cube - Had a couple of great Nintendo games

There you go! I like to stay positive so won't bother with long text with pros and cons.
I have intended to make a list based on appearence. Hopefully won't take long.

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